Live@Work - 18_KW41 - 2. Bericht: Executor-Party in Herrenberg

For the confirmands in the Herrenberg church district in the south of Stuttgart, Germany there is always a special highlight that everyone is looking forward to: "THE CAMP". In every summer we have a confirmation leisure on a weekend organized by the EJW-Herrenberg. We go with the confirmands on the Egenhäuser Kapf to a tent camp. This year a total of around 150 young people aged 13 took part. In addition to fun sports activities, the live event with live music in the evening is one of the highlights of the confirmation leisure.

For the lighting of the live-event we use a total of six RGB LED-Par64 and two cheap but large China RGBW spotlights. Since there is no room behind the band, we positioned two crank tripods on the left and right side of the stage. A 2-point truss was attached to the tripods with a suitable mount. With this construction the headlights could now be easily mounted on the so created bars. Due to the length of the truss we got the necessary depth to illuminate the band from the front side as well as from the back side. In order to further improve the lighting, we crossed the beams of the front lights.

For our small setup a laptop and of course a Nodle-interface worked quite well. This year we used DMXControl 3 for the first time. Especially the executors were used very intensively to control the whole stage light. We have stored the different light scenes in separate cuelists. So it happened that in some cuelists only one cue was stored. More complex cuelists with multiple cues were only used for some chasers. Thanks to a single cuelist group and the corresponding settings, only one cuelist was active at a time. This made working with the executors even easier. We had assigned an executor to each cuelist, which made all cuelists directly accessible and controllable. Therefore I basically didn't use other control possibilities like the softdesk during the evening. Almost everything ran with the executors, both during music and other show interludes. Only for very special show items we set some settings directly in the Stage View.