Did you know? #17 - Saving own effects

A powerful feature in DMXControl 3 is the available effects and filters, which you can use almost everywhere in your projects. With just a few mouse clicks, you can create beautiful and elegant effects with almost all devices - much easier than in DMXControl 2, for example. Usually you select a group or single devices in the Stage View, decide for a certain effect and drag & drop it to the respective property in the Device Control, for example to the position. Immediately the devices do "something". After a little fine-tuning of the amplitudes and the phase shift, you'll quickly have a nice effect that you can save in a cue.

Now you don't want to reprogram this effect every time, especially not in every new project. You don't have to! Did you know, that you can save effects with all values for amplitudes, phase shift in frequency simply by drag and drop them to the Saved tab in the Effect and filters window? Then just give it a try! All effects created in this way will be available for all other projects, also for existing projects. It doesn't matter what type of effects you have: you can save all your own 1D and 2D effects (effects for dimmers, colors or effects for movements), but also your own customized matrix effects under the tap Saved and give them your own name.

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