Did you know? #16 - Freeze on Exit

Concerts and club parties usually ends in the "deep night" and the disassembling of the complete light and sound equipment starts right after the official end. But what can you do, if only your mounted equipment can keep the stage enlightened for the disassembling, because other external lights are not available? If the light FOH is still online, it is very easy to switch on some LED spots with a special cuelist. The disassembling can start immediately. Unfortunately, the light FOH is in the most cases one of the first area, which is disassembled and packed in its cases. Setting up any DMX controlled light afterwards is then not so easy. In addition, DMXControl 3 stops all cuelists, resets all DMX values to zero and deactivates the connected interfaces in the shutdown process. At least from this point on, all lights are switched off and the stage is dark.

So what can you do, to still have some light on stage, without climbing into the rig for switching on some lights manually? Well, you maybe know the freeze button on the left side of the DMXControl 3 windows. This button helps you not only during the show, where you can freeze effects and movements. This button is also the one to solve our after show lighting problem. Just turn on all lights you need by starting any cuelist or setting up a light scene in the Stage View. Afterwards, you just push the freeze button before shutting down DMXControl 3. With the freeze button enabled, DMXControl 3 does not reset the DMX values and you have the demanded light on stage.

At this point should be noted, that some LED spots will switch off automatically, when they don't receive a DMX signal or they switch over to an internal auto show program. Some device offers you a setting, where you can chose the device's behavior for this case. In addition, some DMX interfaces can start to do unexpected things, when the related DMX software is closed. So just try it, if this solution works for you.

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