Did you know? #15 - Direct addressing of fixtures

Our last "Did you know?" editions were some larger editions with a lot of contect. So we decided, that we present you today a small tip in DMXControl 3, which is also very helpful for simple and fast patching of your devices.

You need to split your DMX devices sometimes different DMX universes? Maybe you also already had the problem, that you recalculate the channel numbers to continuous digits. For example: you would patch a spot light to the third DMX universe at DMX address 237. Until now, you told DMXControl the value 1261 (2 x 512 + 237) for setting up the device right inside the software. For finding out the right value, you can try to do this in your mind or by using a calculator. But the best way to do this is telling DMXControl 3 to help you in this case much faster as all other possibilities. DMXControl 3 understands not only continuous values for the DMX address, you can also add an DMX address following the scheme <universe>.<address>. Regarding the example, you simple type 3.237 and DMXControl 3 set the device to the address 1261 speaking in continuous values. If you want to patch a device to the address 5 of the third DMX universe, you can type instead 3.005 also directly 3.5 without the leading zeros. At this part, DMXControl 3 helps you to concentrate for the important parts in creating a new show and you don't need to waist time while patching devices.

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